About Us

Who is Vautier Communications

Vautier Communications incorporated in May of 2004. We are dedicated to the business communication skills space. We pride ourselves on cutting edge technology, individualized service, and unique retention tools at a very competitive price.  Think of us as presentation skills on the mass market end and executive communications/event/speech and media coaching on the other end.

We are easy to work with and value a strong and lasting client relationship over time. When a client engages us, 87% of the time they contract us for additional coaching.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Provide Executive and “Finals” presentation coaching for LDP and FMR “Talent Programs” at Whirlpool, The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Farmers Claims College and UTI
  • Coached four of the last six CEOs at the Ford Motor Company
  • Trained existing sales force for successful pharmaceutical product launch
  • Prepared the Sr. Director of Investor Relations at a leading appliance manufacturer for Wall Street guidance meetings
  • Coached executives to deliver testimony to the Rodgers Commission after shuttle disaster
  • Featured speaker at IMCA (Investment Management Consultants Association) national meetings and NRF (National Retail Federation/Loss Prevention)