Who We Are

We are world class coaches

Simply put, we are coaches. We come from all walks of business including a V.P. of Sales and Customer Service, Ph.D. Academics, educators, sports coaches, TV anchors, sales, and sales management.

As a group we have coached in every industry, on every continent, at every level, and in every situation imaginable…with a couple that would challenge the imagination!

We are gracious and fun professionals who will change your life and the way you communicate.

John M. Vautier | President

John is President of Vautier Communications, Inc. He founded this business communication skills company in 2004. Prior to that John worked for Communispond, Inc. as an Account Executive, Executive Coach, and Vice President of Sales from 1985 thru 2003.

He has coached groups and individual executives from a wide variety of industries with corporations including Ford, General Motors, Bosch, BASF, Whirlpool, Molex, Motorola, DTE Energy, EQT Corporation, Cintas, The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Walgreens, Holcim, Mesirow Financial, Beam Global Wines and Spirits, NASA, McDonalds and UTi, just to name a few. (Others available upon request).

In addition to U.S. based companies and multinationals, he has also worked with clients in Canada, Mexico, the U.K., Denmark, Singapore, China, Germany, and Bahrain.

His wide range of experiences has enabled him to work successfully at all levels of corporate, government, and academic institutions from CEO to new hires.

Specific instructional areas of expertise include executive presence, platform presentations, media/crisis communication skills, business writing skills, performance coaching strategies, and sales skills.

John has also been a featured speaker for the Loss Prevention Foundation, National Retail Federation and Investment Management Consultants Association.

Past Professional positions include:

    • Vice President of Sales, Communispond, Inc.
    • Sales Representative UARCO, Inc.
    • Customer Service at Riley & Geehr
    • Residence Life at Bowling Green State University

John has a M.A. from Bowling Green State University and B.A. from Buena Vista University.

He lives with his wife Kit and family in Arlington Heights, IL.

John J. Vautier | Vice President

John Vautier is a Senior Account Executive at Vautier Communications, Inc.

John joined the company in September of 2011 after 15 months with Whirlpool Corporation. In that role, John worked on the National Account Team and helped sell and train for Whirlpool’s umbrella of products across the appliance industry. He was responsible for a sales territory in which he handled the training and relationships of forty national accounts.

Over the last 16 months, John has coached over 150 days as he works towards his ‘10,000 Hours of Coaching’ as Malcolm Gladwell describes master competency in his book “Outliers”.

Clients John has worked with represent a wide span of industries including healthcare/pharma, manufacturing, automotive, financial services, insurance, consumer goods, business services, technology, and utilities.

Key accomplishments include:

  • Global Sales Leaders on the Global Management Team at Molex Corporation
  • ‘FMR’ Group (Finance Management Rotation) at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.
  • Field Sales Team at Whirlpool Corporation in preparation for National Sales Conference.
  • CEO’s from various industries represented by Wind Point Partners, a major Venture Capital firm in Chicago.
  • V.P. of H.R. of The Chamberlain Group; President of the Investment Management Consultants Association; V.P. of Sales at GATX.
  • Facilities Managers at BASF in Crisis Communication Skills.
  • Two Sr. VP’s and GM’s at Orion Engineered Carbons in US and Germany.
  • Regional Sales, Manufacturing & Marketing Managers for Hollister, Inc. in Denmark.

Published in January of 2013, John co-authored, SPEAK AS WELL AS YOU THINK: An Executive’s Guide To Excellence In Public Speaking.

John has a B.S. from Illinois State University in Marketing and Sales. He was also a member of the Professional Sales Institute throughout his senior year.

John resides in the Chicago neighborhood of Lincoln Park.

Jennifer Vautier | Vice President

Jennifer Vautier is a Vice President at Vautier Communications, Inc.

Jenn joined the company in July of 2013 after leaving the Education field. Since then, Jenn has coached multiple programs at Cintas, Whirlpool, and Illumina to name a few as she works towards her ’10,000 Hours of Coaching’ as Malcolm Gladwell describes master competency in his book Outliers.

She has opened the Southern California market and continues to sell and coach all clients in her role with a focus on the West Coast. She continues to grow the Public Programs in both Chicago and San Diego.

Clients Jenn has worked with come from a wide span including Education, Biotechnology, Manufacturing, Automotive, Financial Services, Insurance, Consumer Goods, Business Services, Airports and Utilities.


Key accomplishments include:

  • Organized and implemented the roll out of the Public Programs in Chicago and San Diego
  • Coached the Leadership Development Program at Whirlpool
  • Coached Sales, Management and Financial Supervisors at Cintas
  • Launched the Southern California Market in May 2015
  • Delivered Crisis Communication Skills Coaching at one of the world’s leading chemical companies in addition to Lehigh Hanson
  • Coached all Education Specialists within Pearson
  • Coached Ohio University MBA students

Jenn has a B.S. from Illinois State University where she studied Social Science Education. In her Education Role, Jenn taught Social Science classes at the high school level. She was also responsible for coordinating all State Testing for all levels at Buffalo Grove High School including, but not limited to, ACT’s, SAT’s, and Advanced Placement. She also holds two fitness accreditations, CrossFit Level 1 and National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), which she applied while running CrossFit classes.

Jenn resides in the San Diego area.

Executive Coaching Staff
  • Our staff of executive coaches come from all walks of business from V.P of Sales and Customer Service, Ph.D. Academics, Hospital Administrators, Plant OD/HR Managers, and TV Anchors. Together we have over 180 years combined coaching experience at both public and private companies located in the U.S. and globally. The common thread between all of us is quality and consistency in coaching instruction, always meeting the client where the client is and a tremendously gracious culture which you will enjoy.