What we do for you

We coach you to ‘Speak As Well As You Think’ to help you drive your business results. At the executive end, this includes speeches, media interviews, board room presentations and sales presentations. In the talent management and leadership development space this includes internal and external presentations to move your ideas, updates and recommendations forward in a clear and compelling manner.

This is practical, experiential coaching. You learn by doing. We then layer in a new skill and practice again. We use multiple videotapes of each individual, seven, in a typical 2 session engagement. The difference can be simply amazing when you review your final video tape and compare it to your first videotape.

We make two promises right up front as the coaching begins:
• These are skills you will use the rest of your life.
• You will never look at or listen to a speaker again without evaluating what is working well for that speaker and ‘if they only changed this or that’ how much better they could be.

Our unique capabilities were featured in the December 2014 issue of Forbes Magazine. To see our article, click here.