Executive Presence

Strong Vocal & Physical Energy!

We begin by coaching individuals on where to look, how to stand, sit, move, gesture and how vocal strength affects delivery.
Executive Presence is about how you look and how you sound to your business associates, colleagues and customers. When you have Executive Presence, you inspire confidence. The information you present or share is deemed trustworthy. You more effectively drive your organization’s business results, and attract advancement and other opportunities.

Executive Presence is made up of 3 Physical behaviors and 4 Vocal behaviors.

The Physical Components: Eyes (where you look when you present), Hands (natural gestures and what you do with them when you’re not using them) and Posture (how you stand and move and sit and move).

The Vocal Components: Volume (speaking with your Speaker’s Voice), Inflection (so your listeners know what’s important and what’s connecting to your next important thought), Pace (the rate at which you speak) and Non-Words (or the lack of umms, ahhs, like’s and you-know’s).