What our clients say about us

Excellent, practical, useful information that can be used immediately. Format was engaging and non-threatening. I definitely feel this course will help me be a more powerful presenter.

-Account Executive-

I found the training to be very informative and extremely helpful. I was very nervous about being taped, but admit it really helped seeing myself as listening/forming my talks. I plan to use the skills I’ve learned and hopefully I will handle speaking in front of others much better.

-Assistant Director of Finance-

You’ve helped me become better at presenting.  I ‘ve always feared that my conscious incompetence in presenting skills might hold me back…I no longer have that fear.  Thanks again.  The class was great.

-Branch Manager-

Outstanding. Session really brought to light my bad habits. I would like to use you for my consulting group.


It was excellent. Thank you. Suggestions would be to do our group in a slightly smaller size which would allow for a little more instruction & coaching. Otherwise, just fine.


I attended the Carnegie training course and did not get anything out of it. This one course has made a difference in what I need and how I need to accomplish my goal to becoming a better speaker. Absolutely awesome!!!

-Chapter Operations Business Manager-

I feel this is the best class I have attended during the past 10 years.


It was very beneficial. I do interact with customers & reporters on a regular basis and this training has given me the tools to use to be more effective in my response.

-Director Engineering-

Loved it.  Great info.  Enjoyed the practice sessions.  Excellent coaching and modeling the desired actions.

-Director, Safety and Industrial Hygiene-

Best course I have ever attended!!  I was terrified of public speaking before I took this course and the coaching was so clear and helpful.  By the 2nd day my confidence level had soared.

-Division Administrator-

This workshop was the most rewarding aspect of the PSD Associates Program this year.  I will use the tools provided until the advice offered on voice projection, posture/hands and presentation organization become second nature.  I wish that it was longer.

-Division Administrator-

I learned more in 2 days about public speaking than in 22 years of schooling. John was patient, knowledgeable and professional.

-Divisional Manager-

I thought this session was fantastic and provided a great overview of actions crucial to successful media relations.

-Environmental Manager-

Very non-threatening seminar. It was amazing to see the growth in ourselves and co-attendees from the morning to the afternoon. This is a very productive use of my time and should benefit all participants in the future.

-Executive Vice President-

Best training course in my 10 years with the company.  I will use this weekly and almost daily.

-General Manager-

Fantastic.  Way beyond my expectations.  I think this was very practical and powerful.  It was also tailored, when necessary, to our specific business.  I found the coaching valuable and will work on what I learned.

-Investment Manager-

The workshop was one of the best training sessions I have attended.  The course was concise and the Executive Coach explained all aspects clearly.  He knew the material well and modeled it.  The best part is that I have specific, actionable tools to help me in future communication sessions.  My techniques will be changed after this course.


This was humbling, but  also very rewarding.  Prior to attending I thought I knew how to give effective presentations.  I was wrong.  Now I know what it takes and just need to become more comfortable using the skills.

-Manager Economic Development-

Thought it was excellent.  I learned some very good techniques.  The DVD to watch oneself is invaluable.  One can see what does and does not matter.

-Manager, Business Applications-

Excellent.  I learned many more tools to improve as a leader and individual when presenting or simply talking and sharing a point of view.

-Manager, Center of Excellence-

Excellent exercise in professionalism. John is a very dynamic speaker and teacher, which is why I would highly recommend.

-Manager, Global Sales Training-

The session was great.  One of the best trainings I have had and can put to use immediately.  The tips and lessons flowed easily.  I just hope that I can master them one day.

-Marketing Program Manager-

Wonderful!  I learned exceptional skills that I can apply to my job daily.  I really enjoyed all the opportunities to practice.


I thought this was a very strong course specifically the focus on learning skills and the opportunity for practice & coaching.  You can see how this needs to be developed over a career.  Thanks!

-Mergers, Acquisitions & Strategy-

Excellent additional exercises to introductory experiences in media training. Detailed presentation skills coupled with media skills techniques were particularly helpful.

-Plant Manager-

One of the best classes I have attended in my 9 years with the company.  Very informative and have already seen improvements in my presentation skills.

-Plant Manager-

Great session.  I liked the amount of practice.  You made us feel comfortable with positive feedback as well as coaching.

-Plant Manager-

Outstanding! Good real world examples and practice tools to make us better leaders—thanks!


Outstanding!  Just an amazing job.  I feel more confident in myself and finally feel like I know what’s needed to pull off a great presentation.

-Principal Engineering Specialist-

This was probably the best learning class that I have had in the many years I’ve spent with my company.  It was hard & fun.

-Production Supervisor-

Being able to watch video clips really allowed me to process your feedback and incorporate suggestions into subsequent presentations. I was amazed to actually see improvement in such a short period. The small group format was really wonderful-kept things casual, with focus on improvement rather than immediate performance. Thank you.

-Program Coordinator-

Great investment!  The materials are clear and it’s easy to take a lot away from this workshop.  The feedback is provided in an effective manner with high value impact.  Thanks!

-Program Director, Talent Management-

This was an excellent class, touching on the essential aspects of my job as a trainer who gives Webinars. It made me aware of several techniques I will use to strengthen my webinar presentation skills. It was a class that was clear and to the point.

-Research Market Support Rep.-

Amazing!  This training class will help me in so many ways.  This is by far the best seminar that I have ever attended.  Seeing myself on video was the best part.

-Sales Director-

One of the best instructional sessions I have attended in my business career (and formally being in the training/leadership development field-I have been in a lot of sessions). The opportunity for so much behavioral practice is fantastic and the timely, specific feedback is great. Executives can really benefit.

-Senior Financial Manager-

Great class.  Thanks for the critique throughout the 2 days.  I liked that you practiced what you taught so I could learn during the 2 days by just watching you present.

-Senior Human Resource Manager-

Great session. Your idea and way of presenting the topics/issues are right on target. Time flowed very well – made 3 hours seem very quick. Thanks.

-Senior V. P. Human Resources-

Easily the most beneficial seminar I have been through.  I can use  every skill every day.  Thanks for your help.

-Six Sigma Black Belt-

It was excellent.  I enjoyed it but at the same time I felt challenged and pushed to be better.  I really took something away from this.


One of the two BEST internal training sessions in the past 3 years.  I think all of Marketing should have this as mandatory.

-Sr. Clinical Research Scientist-

Great investment and well worth it.  Techniques are taught in a very effective manner.  While having a camera on you is somewhat intimidating, it is a great way to learn.

-Sr. Organizational Effectiveness Specialist-

This is the single most important business session I have ever taken.  Thank you so  much!  Public speaking training is something that can’t be undervalued and your class, approach & set-up was great.


Very meaty. Excellent real time feedback. Excellent life applications video sessions. Excellent feedback individually. Great energy & pace. Trainers that thought they could not learn more communicated, ‘I’m learning’.

-Training Manger, Leadership Development-