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Becoming a competent presenter.

The space between the two can seem insurmountable. And beyond that, the space between the two is daunting because it is undefined (for you). You’re embarking on a journey to improve and there’s no telling exactly how you’ll get there or when you’ll arrive.
What we do know is that the journey to improvement has a few best practices:

1) Find an expert, coach or mentor. Speak and work with someone who already uses the skills you’re trying to build and understand how they got there.

2) Learn the skills from a reputable source. Do your homework on who will teach you the skills, how they teach, their track record, and ask them to define how what they teach can translate for you, specifically. If you’re going to invest money in self-improvement, know that it’s being put to valuable use.

3) Take full responsibility of what you learn and apply it immediately and often to your everyday life. It is ultimately your work to translate what you learn to be relevant to your work and life. Make a specific action plan on when and how you will use the new skills. Don’t be hesitant to ask a trusted co-worker or manager to give you constructive feedback on the skills as you begin to practice them.

Jenny Dziubla