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Do you have an emergency presentation kit?

Do you give presentations or speeches often? If so, it’s in your best interest to put together an emergency presentation kit:
1. A physical backup of your presentation(s) in the event your laptop crashes or you lose internet access.

2. An extra presentation clicker or remote. Sure, you can present without one, but you’d rather not be glued to your laptop tapping the arrow each time you need to change a slide.

3. A small flashlight (if your phone doesn’t have one) in the event you drop something under the podium/stage or otherwise.

4. An extension cord just in case your laptop plug doesn’t reach the nearest outlet.

5. Dry erase markers if there’s a chance you’ll have access to a whiteboard or may need to facilitate with your audience.

6. Various adapters so you can connect with the smart screen or projector.

7. Tape. You may need to hold something together or tape cords to the floor.

8. Multi-tool. Because you just never know.

Jenny Dziubla