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The only way to get better at presenting is to present. Three ideas on how to start.

You want to be better at presenting but aren’t sure where to start. Do you take a class? Maybe you’ve taken a class and don’t know what to do following? Are books helpful? Maybe YouTube? All valid - and all will arm you with information that *can* act as tools while you work your way to presenting with complete confidence. But in the end, you must present. To be a better presenter, you must present.
Here are 3 ideas on how to begin:
(1) Take the pressure off by presenting on something you’re passionate about. Tap into your community (whether that’s in the office, your close social group, or another extracurricular group you’re a part of) and teach them something via a presentation. The people in our direct communities want us to succeed and when we talk about something we truly enjoy, there’s far less pressure. Think lunch-and-learn, webinar, community event, etc.

(2) In instances when you would normally use writing as a means to express yourself, choose instead to use voice, video, or in-person. Expose yourself (incrementally) to being the center of attention.

(3) Do it in a group. Find a group of people you work or socialize with who have similar goals or interests and propose a ‘presentation series’. Each of you presents on a portion of a larger topic, without any of you being siloed. Each of your presentations work together to bring a larger idea or knowledge to the people you’re sharing with.
Our upcoming Presentation Skills programs open to the public:
- Chicago: Oct. 9-10, Dec. 4-5
- San Diego: Oct. 2-3
- Sacramento: Oct. 23-24
Cost: $900 for 2 full days of learning, practice and active coaching.

Jenny Dziubla