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What are you doing to be better than yesterday?

What are you doing to be better than yesterday? When it comes to your career and professional life, it’s never too late to:
• Start skill development
• Restart your career path or development plan
• Pursue the unknown and feel fear (it means you care)
• Change the way you look/dress
• Change the way you connect with others
• Learn lessons from your missteps and try again, another way

There is no direct path to success, and it’s different for each of us. What works for one may, at best, only serve as a vague reference guide as we chart our own.

Not only does constant exposure to new things and re-exposure to previously challenging things help us internalize the experiences necessary to become ‘who’ we want to be, they also show the people around us that our top priority is simply being better than we were yesterday.

Jenny Dziubla