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What Executive Presence is all about

This is what Executive Presence is all about 👌🏼 A leader is someone who, through knowing the passions, goals and strengths of the individuals that make up their team, builds and articulates a vision already held in the hearts and minds of all.

How do you become this type of leader?
1️⃣ Build genuine, productive relationships with the individuals around you (this takes time).
2️⃣ Develop a vision through introspection, consideration, conversation and mentorship.
3️⃣ Consider how you can recruit the strengths of those around you to build the vision (i.e. be prepared to show how each individual is necessary in making the vision possible).
4️⃣ Craft a compelling message to share your vision.
5️⃣ Chart the path toward the vision collectively, making sure each person feels a sense of ownership and accountability.

Jenny Dziubla