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What role do our instincts play in presenting?

💥Trained presenters only!💥

What role do our instincts play in presenting? Unless you’re a trained presenter - meaning you’ve learned and practiced a physical and vocal communication skill set, we wouldn’t recommend you follow your instincts. At their core, our instincts have been developed through evolution. And if evolution taught us anything about what’s bad for survival, it’s:
(1) being alone
(2) being exposed with no place to hide
(3) not having a weapon to protect yourself with
(4) being stared at by a crowd of onlookers
So if you don’t have a trained and practiced skill set to rely on while presenting, what would your instincts have you do when you’re standing in front of a crowd, with no place to hide, and nothing to protect yourself with? Run and hide. Learn and practice a communication skill set, then trust your instincts.
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Jenny Dziubla