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Executive Communication Skills

Our most popular and comprehensive group communication program. Executive Communication Skills is a 2-day interactive program built around the four quadrants of communication: executive presence, message organization, delivery, and Q&A/facilitation. Participants bring their own content and are videotaped 7 times over the two days, all while receiving active, in-the-moment coaching.


Executive Communication Coaching

This program is designed for small teams of up to 4 participants and/or executive-level professionals. Executives are taken through our Executive Communication Skills program, with a focus on the delivery of their specific speech or presentation. The small group size allows for extremely personal coaching and the program can be completed in two half-day sessions.

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Advanced Executive Communication Skills

For our Advanced course, all participants must have taken the Executive Communication Skills or Executive Communication Coaching program. This 1-day program focuses on executive-level communication, storytelling, communicating under pressure and effective whiteboarding.  


Building Visual Messages

We teach the principles of how to structure, organize, and design a more engaging and effective message. Learn to visualize your content in a way that clearly communicates your story and ideas, all while meeting the needs of your specific audience. You’ll learn how to effectively storyboard your message, how to organize your content, and how to show it in a way that's visually appealing.


Business Writing Skills

This half-day workshop teaches participants how to consistently organize and easily write clear, compelling and concise documents and emails so their readers will be able to understand and/or act on them. We cover grammar, understanding your audience, organizing your message, and readability. Participants apply all learnings to their own content throughout the course of the workshop.

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Media Skills

An immersive program for anyone who has to speak with the media. We cover executive presence and message organization for both hostile interviews as well as informational interviews. This program is highly tailored to each specific client and the type of media they typically interact with or will be interacting with in the future.