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Who is this for?

Our Executive Coaching is open to any business person, with most being in executive-level or C-suite positions.

Program Description:

This offering is designed for executives who want to work privately with one of our C-level coaches, focusing on the development of their executive presence, delivery of their upcoming speech or presentation, and other important aspects of their communication style that directly impacts how their messages are received. Includes pre-coaching interviews, two half-day coaching sessions, and an in-depth personalized evaluation and summary. The session outline can be tailored based on the individual’s needs.

Program Format:

Pre-session interview followed by two sessions, typically 3-4 hours each. Sessions can be back-to-back or spread across multiple weeks.

Materials Provided:

You will receive an exercise packet containing all materials from the program, a jump drive with all materials in digital form, a copy of our newest book Mastering Executive Presence, and an SD card of their individual presentation videotapes from the day

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