Vautier Communications

How We Partner


Partnering With Us


Whether you’re partnering with us as an individual or on behalf of your organization, we keep things simple. We bring the coach(es) to you. With the exception of our Public Presentation Skills programs which are hosted at our regional offices, all training is done onsite at your office or a location of your choosing. We have hosted programs all over the United States and several international locations.


The Vautier Experience


Small group size for more personal learning


In-program exercise materials and usable tools


Participants walk away with recorded videos and digital retention tools

Video recording for skill development

Engaging and relevant group discussions

Programs can be tailored or customized to meet your needs



Vautier Communications Provides:

  • Experienced and professional coaches

  • Program-specific materials

  • Digital video camera and SD cards for each participant

  • Playback unit and headphones for digital video review


You Provide:

  • Conference room or other space for program

  • LCD projector/screen or smart screen

  • Flip chart with markers

  • Power cords


Being able to watch video clips really allowed me to process your feedback and incorporate suggestions into subsequent presentations. I was amazed to actually see improvement in such a short period. The small group format was really wonderful-kept things casual, with focus on improvement rather than immediate performance. Thank you.
— Program Coordinator