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Individual Offerings


Individual Offerings



Public Presentation Skills

This is an open-enrollment program hosted several times a year at various locations. Over the course of the 2 days, you will learn the skills necessary to increase your executive presence, understand how to structure and organize clear messages based on your specific audience, how to deliver your message effectively in various formats, and how to take ownership of Q&A.


Executive One-on-One Coaching

This offering is designed for executives who want to work privately with one of our C-level coaches, focusing on the development of their executive presence, delivery of their upcoming speech or presentation, and other important aspects of their communication style that directly impacts how their messages are received. Includes a pre-coaching interview, two half-day coaching sessions, and an in-depth personalized evaluation and summary.


Individual Presentation Consulting

Are you a graduate of one of our public or corporate Executive Communication Skills programs and need help with an upcoming speech or presentation? Whether you're deciding on a topic, in the process of building out your slides, or practicing the delivery, we're here for you! Work one-on-one with one of our experienced coaches.