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Individual Presentation Consulting



Individual Presentation Consulting



Who is this for?

Any individual looking for ad hoc, hourly consulting from one of our experienced coaches on a specific presentation or message. You must be a graduate or either our Executive Communication Skills or Public Presentation Skills programs to take advantage of this offering.

Program Description:

Are you looking for immediate support and coaching on the development and/or delivery of an upcoming presentation or message? Work one-on-one with one of our experienced coaches to outline and structure a new presentation, revamp the structure of an existing presentation, and/or be coached on the effective delivery of that presentation or message. All consultations begin with a pre-consultation interview and an intake questionnaire.

Program Format:

1-hour sessions done either over the phone or on a video call.

Materials Provided:

Intake questionnaire, message format templates, and other relevant materials as determined by your specific needs and goals.


Hourly rates and packages will be shared upon initial contact with Vautier Communications.

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