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Mastering Executive Presence

Appear more confident. Present more effectively. Win support for your ideas. Advance to the next level. Whatever your goals and regardless of where you are in your career, this book will teach you powerful skills and approaches to ensure you present your true and best self and achieve the success you desire. Mastering Executive Presence: Career-Advancing Communication and Presentation Skills is packed with easy-to-incorporate best practices, real-world examples, practical exercises, motivating quotes, and thought-provoking reflections. 


Speak As Well As You Think

The contents of Speak As Well As You Think include: An overview of what happens when you speak as well as you think, the 7 elements of executive presence (what they see, what they hear), why comfort is optional, the do’s and don’ts of executive presence, how to communicate with charisma, presence and power, making the most of your speech and presentation options—informal to formal, the recipe for sharing a viewpoint, how to calmly weather the unexpected media interview or hostile Q&A, communicating to the C-Suite – why shorter is better, and some thoughts on executive communications and authentic leadership.


Loved this book! I read it cover to cover on a cross-country flight. It was clearly written with the reader in mind because there are so many applicable tips and not a lot of fluff. I’ve read quite a few communication books and have found myself skipping over pages because they become repetitive or irrelevant to my situation. The authors did a great job of articulating why to do/not do certain things and gave plenty of relevant examples. Will be re-reading in a few months for a refresher.
— Amazon Review