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Performance Coaching



Who is this for?

Our Performance Coaching program is a corporate group program, hosted onsite at either your company or a location of your choosing. The program is applicable to any business person who is a manager, supervisor, or needs to ‘coach’ their employees’ performance.

Program Description:

This program covers the key elements of coaching, including what to coach and when to coach. Coaching is a 24/7 process, as performance coaching is about clarity and consistency. We share a conversational format with participants to help guide their coaching conversations and encourage their employees’ to fully participate and ‘own’ change in their performance. We also address the ‘High Performer’ and options to recognize their performance patterns. This program includes videotaping and active coaching.

Program Format:

This program can be conducted as either two half-day sessions with a small group (up to 6) or one full-day session with a large group (up to 12).

Materials Provided:

You will receive an exercise packet containing….

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